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Most Popular Alaska Excursions for your Anchorage Vacation Bucket List!

One of the most popular Alaska excursions is flying around Mt. McKinley (Denali). So many visitors say this is a once-in-a-lifetime adventure and shouldn’t be missed. Make it a day trip from Anchorage or fly out of the little historic town of Talkeetna which makes the 2-3 hour drive worthwhile.

Choose a glacier landing flight or take the float plane landing for another excursion like the Denali wilderness hike. This popular Alaska excursion is at the top of many Anchorage vacation bucket lists for good reason!


Flightseeing by Sea Plane, Bush Plane or Helicopter


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Popular Alaska Glacier & Wildlife Cruise Excursions

Another popular Alaska excursion is a glacier & wildlife cruise out of Seward or Whittier which is a great day trip from Anchorage.

See a glacier “calving”, a while diving, or a sea lion basking on a sunny rock to experience a truly unique Alaskan adventure.


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Add Alaska Railroad Train Excursion to your Anchorage Vacation Bucket List!

Your Anchorage vacation bucket list wouldn’t be complete without a scenic train ride excursion on the famous Alaska Railroad which ventures north and south from the depot in downtown Anchorage.

One of the most popular Anchorage day trip routes takes you south to Spencer Glacier or Grandview Valley on Kenai Peninsula and you can even get off and combine your trip with more excursions like hiking, rafting or even kayaking. You will be glad you added this excursion to your Anchorage vacation bucket list!



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